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RK Rawat Car Bazar is the best of buyer & seller of used car in India. The company was started at 2008 by Mr. Kishor Singh Rawat, a pure business man with dedication and determination. Dealing of cars mainly done by three branded car companies. Maruti - Suzuki, Toyota, and Mahindra, those which are very popular in Indian market and also having resell value. Easy finance facilities are available from MAGMA, AU, and SK.

Our Director

It is very much delighted to announce Mr. Kiskor Singh Rawat, as the Director of RK Rawat Car Bazar. All staffs and employees are fortunate to have such a wonderful person as a director and mentor of the business. Mr. Kishore Singh Rawat is a perfect business figure in the field of car selling and purchasing. He is a true lover of cars right from his childhood. That is why he could understand all and every good and bad conditions of cars and their perfect resell value. He has started this business after his graduation. But his knowledge about Indian and imported cars was already saturated. It is his master mind and a perfect business mentality makes the progress of his success to a flawless growth curve. Moreover Mr. Rawat is a very soft hearted man to his co-workers and customers as well. His devotion and dedication is the back bone of the company.

Our Mission

It is our aim to be a ideal business icon in car selling and purchasing business. In next 10-15 years RK Rawat Car Bazar would be an example for the business of used cars. Others will follow our business strategy and customer satisfaction level.

Our Vision

We can visualize that in coming next 5yrs every busy person must have their own transportation. Thus RK Rawat Car Bazar can be a support for all ambitious person giving them value for money.

Our Motto

Our Motto is to reach every passionate person, honestly serving them the best. We believe that any fare dealing depends on perfect documentation and in a healthy relationship with customers.

Our Services

RK Rawat Car Bazar are determined to sell minimum used, without any dispute and non-accidental cars only.
Providing easy finance facilities and delivery with all complete and updated papers.

Finance Facility

The company is attached with MAGMA, AU and Ess Kay Fincorp Ltd. regarding easy and clean finance to be done by their customers.

Complete Documentation

All dealings are only done on the basis of fare, original and up-to-date documents.

Non Disputed Cars

All dealings has been done only with non disputed, without any accidental case history, cars with fare documents.

Availability of Popular Models

We have a number of varieties models of Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, and Mahindra, in our customer friendly stock.

Minimum Used Cars

Every purchasing and selling of company done only with minimum used cars on road.

Comprehensive Inspection

Every cars must be gone through special inspection by expert team and finance department before any deals to be done.

We deals Popular Cars

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